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“TheraTogs are orthotic undergarment and strapping products that give individuals with sensorimotor impairment a highly effective modality for improving postural alignment, stability, movement skill, precision, joint stability, and prolonged muscle stretch. TheraTogs are an FDA-registered Class I medical device” [according to the manufacturers website].

Our experience

We first tried out a Theratog suit for River over 2 years ago and at the time he could not sit. When he first wore the suit he sat for the first time, and was able to continue sitting after he used them. We have used this product for over 2 years and have done periods of intensive wearing.


This product has made a huge impact on our boys, particularly River with is movement. It is a pretty affordable and adaptable suit that can last a bit longer than other products which is great. It’s greatest strength is that you can change what you are working on as the straps are adaptable.

Learning to use them correctly, putting them on in the morning, and then keeping them in good position all day is a challenge. Hence we have moved to a DMO product. However, we still love this product and still have a suit that we sometimes use in therapy sessions.

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