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The Mollii Suit


“Mollii is a suit consisting of a pair of trousers, a jacket and a detachable control unit. The Mollii garments includes 58 imbedded electrodes, positioned to stimulate 40 key muscles in the body. Through a low frequency electro-stimulation therapy, Mollii relaxes spastic, tense and aching muscles safely and simply. Programmed after each person’s needs, Mollii prevents and counteracts different forms of muscle shortening and rigidity, and helps the user regain control over muscular tension”. [according to the manufacturers website]

Our Experience

We did a two month trial for both of our boys. We think there was some impact, particularly for Zach and his spasticity. However, we felt that this timeframe was not long enough for us to fully evaluate the impact. And due to the high price for purchasing two suits we haven’t bought them yet.


Be good to trial for at least a 6 month period. Evidence is still building but seems to be some really positive things coming out of this technology. We might use again in the future.

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