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Key to CP Intensives


Key to CP are based in Rochester NY and offer intensives specifically for children and adults with CP (and other neurological conditions). They offer intensives for either a few days, or a few weeks. Their program follows a model developed by Karen Pape and Pia Stampe and focuses on fully understanding how CP impacts motor skills, vision, speech, feeding, and cognition function. Their framework is rooted in neuroplasticity and is based on alignment, awareness and strength building.

Our experience

It has been such an amazing experience for us as a family to work with this team. This intensive is not like the other purely strength based intensives we have done, but take more of a big picture view on really understanding what is going on and how to go forward.


This has been a very significant time for us in working out how to go forward. The team are very innovative, creative, and have shown us how to foster neuroplasticity everyday. Really really love what we have learnt here.

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