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So you want to join our tribe and stand alongside us as we work towards a more accepting and accessible world?

Want to be a part of the our community, step behind the scenes of our videos and our big dreams, and be a meaningful part of keeping our videos and messages coming? 

We are only able to create our weekly videos thanks to the incredible generosity and support of our amazing Patreon community. We deliberately chose the Patreon platform because we like the idea of people standing with us and becoming a part of our dream and our story. 


So what are our dreams?


Our dreams are to create less stigma and more acceptance of difference, stories that humanise and challenge labels, a more accessible world, opportunities to share the joy that difference and disability brings, creative initiatives around inclusion, and practical opportunities to give more children with disabilities opportunities to access more innovative neuro-rehabilitation. 


Patreon allows you to financially support our channel every month from as little as $3 a month

What's in it for you?


  • Access to our private facebook group + private polls

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  • Free high quality merchandise celebrating cool things like braving the world!

  • Discounts to our merchandise store

  • Christmas bonus gifts 

  • Special mention in vlogs 

AND you will be directly responsible for keeping our channel going!


So if this all sounds good- join our tribe and the joyful journey (or just see this as an opportunity to tip us for the videos if you are enjoying them!) 

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