Meet our family!

Hi! We are the Dove Londons!


Tim (Papa), Jess (Mama), River (the Brave), and Zach (the Imagineer).

We as a family stand for bravery, determination, acceptance, and overcoming adversity. 


We create the Ordinary Extraordinary YouTube channel where we share our adventures taking on the ordinary and the extraordinary, and celebrating every moment in between. 


Our beautiful twin 4-year-old boys both have Cerebral Palsy (CP) and a rare syndrome (Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome) and have faced more in their short lives than most do in a lifetime.


The first three years of our boys’ journey was pretty rough. They were born premature and spent most of their first full year of life in hospital; followed by over a dozen surgeries and continued medical and disability complications. 


As they have gotten older, they are doing so well, and are becoming the most incredibly delightful and affectionate children! Physically our boys still face much uncertainty, with things like walking still an unknown for both boys.

Zach is a creative, thoughtful and people-minded. He loves singing and engaging in conversations with anyone who makes eye contact with him.


River is courageous, adventurous and very determined. He likes things fast and has been described as “a head-first kind of guy!”.

As a family, we are on a mission to create less stigma and more acceptance of difference, a more accessible world, opportunities to share the joy that difference and disability bring, and practical opportunities to give more children with disabilities opportunities to access more innovative neuro-rehabilitation. 

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